Good policy will urge domestic metal casting machine tool industry

China foundry machine tool industry technology innovation has been the lack of significant progress. Compared to American and European countries, Chinas machine tool industry cast lags behind the manufacturing process is very obvious. No matter the skill level core runtime components and running speed, or products to maintain the accuracy and reliability of the machine are obviously vulnerable.

It is understood that, at present, Chinas foundry machine tool enterprises lack innovation and basic research awareness and capacity, which restricted the development of Chinas foundry machine tool technology. Want to change the momentum, get in-depth study of user industries product technology characteristics and requirements, combined with the characteristics of the development process at a high level processing equipment. At the same time, but also pay attention to basic theoretical research work, so as to make our casting machine tool industry in the near future have a better development. The state has adopted a series of policies, efforts to build new businesses, high-tech enterprises, to seize this opportunity, the enterprise introduced the "restructuring and revitalization", "innovation" and a series of policies to upgrade the corporate machine tool technology, strictly ensure the product quality. Industry experts said that with the national policy, will accelerate the casting machine tool industry development to provide a good market environment.